Lookin’ Fly

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you’ve probably seen quite a few #oisellelookbook tagged pictures, and probably wondered what I was doing, and if I’d ventured into the world of modeling (you can stop laughing now…). While my modeling days are behind me (yes, I was in Macy’s catalogs as a toddler), when I saw that the wonderful ladies at Oiselle were hosting a fun contest to pair Spring ’13 pieces with older Oiselle pieces, I was in. Still being new to photography and not being the best at taking “selfies,” I enlisted the help of my photo savvy husband to take my picture, multiple times.

I thought it would be fun to put all of my entries in one place… especially for those of you ladies looking for new workout gear. I’m serious when I say that these threads are the best… and that’s why I have so many pieces, and am constantly looking to add more! So without further ado, here are my magazine cover worthy photos (come on, laugh a little).


The first picture I took was above, wearing the oh-so-fabulous Lux Layer ($76, and worth every penny) and Distance short ($38).


Here I’m channeling my inner hipster rocking the Peacenik Sweatshirt ($74), and Lesley Knickers ($60). Reusable Starbucks cup, sunglasses, and Toms sold separately.


I like to call this picture “the right amount of creepy” as I rock the Runfinity scarf ($22), Lesley Knickers ($60), and an old Aero Tank (no longer available).


Trying to channel my inner speedster, here I’m wearing the Winona Tank ($48) and the infamous Roga shorts ($46).


Even though cats aren’t efficient runners, I still like mine… and thankfully they like my Oiselle clothes, and maybe more importantly, haven’t ripped holes in any of it. This is the Stripey Scoop Neck ($44) and no longer available Lori short.


Last but certainly not least, the outfit (and pose) above may be my favorite of the group. I’m obviously channeling my inner Fast K8 here rocking her Fan Tee ($25), along with the Mesh Tank ($42) and Distance Shorts ($38).

I placed an order last week that’s en route including a much anticipated sports bra, so if it arrives before the 3/22 contest end date, rest assured you’ll be seeing a few more “looks” from me. And in all seriousness, if you haven’t checked out Oiselle yet, you really should. Their pieces are made for women runners, by women runners… it doesn’t get much better than that!

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