The old addage – Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts

Last night, over coffee and dessert at my boyfriend’s parent’s house, we got to talking about Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee. This is often a debate I find myself a part of, with extreme feeling.

I can’t say I’m a coffee conossuire. Coffee lover, that I am. I can’t go a day without it. When I do, I feel like something is missing. My whole day goes awry.

But enough beating around the bush. Dunkin’ Donuts by far the best regular coffee. And by regular, I am including flavors. I am partial to the hazelnut with the occassional french vanilla or coconut. I tend to prefer it iced as well, though I’ll take it hot in the colder months. Now onto it’s over priced and snazzy labeled counterpart.

I tend to find Starbucks is used more as a status symbol than actually purchased for a good cup of coffee. I find their plain coffee without any extras extremely bitter and often times burnt. Add some flavor shots (that will cost you and extra 25 cents each), you simply mask the burnt bitters.

I will give Starbucks credit for their specialty drinks. That is something they’re good at, but the amount of calories and price usually keep me away.

So here I stand still a Dunkin Donuts fan to the core. Yes, I’ve tried WaWa, QuickCheck, 7-Eleven and even McDonalds (which is actually pretty good). But I can’t be swayed. Unless I’m looking to carry a status cup down the street or indulge myself in a fall time treat (pumpkin spice latte!) You’ll always find me at DD. To be tried and true to the Facebook group my friend and I started Sophomore year of college when that was cool, I would never cheat on Dunkin.

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