Food Blogging – Why the hate?!

Recently, one of my favorite food blogs that really offers a little bit of everything, SeriousEats, posted not one, but TWO articles relating to the serious distain of other food blogs out there, dedicated to us novice foodies, known better as “Foodiots.”

It all started with an article entitled The Foodiots, posted by The Observer. It simply stated that the New Yorker’s culture has changed; instead of talking sex and politics, people talk food. What’s so wrong with that?

A response to the aforementioned article by ChowHound founder Jim Leff, certainly left a sour taste in my mouth. And not the kind you get from a good Sour Patch Kid. In his response, he noted that Foodiots are “giddily obsessive food crazies who’ve made chewing the very center of their existences,” and like a Trekkie, should “get a life.”

A mere two days later,’s Editors posted that they would pay any novice Food blogger a meager $25 to stop writing about food. Really? They honestly thought that $25 would get someone to stop doing something they enjoy? A hobby, if you will? That’s just a little insulting.

So here’s my question – why the hate?!

I can only surmise one thing here; we’re doing a good job. We’ve got our friends interested in what WE’RE cooking, because it seems realistic and tangible as something they too can delve into in the kitchen. And, being our close friends, they take stock in what we have to say in reviews and opinions on different types of foods, restaurants, etc. Are the more general blogs getting nervous? Do they fear their loosing readers to “foodiots”?!

If this is the case, I think they’re worrying prematurely. Yes, I blog about food. I tweet about food. And I have friends that blog about it as well. This doesn’t mean I even consider myself a “Foodie.” I’m just someone that loves reading, writing, eating, and all things food. More importantly, though, guess what? My Google Reader is still chock full of “big name” food blogs that I don’t ever plan on removing from my list.

I think for those that have been in the blogging game for awhile, feel threatened that it’s becoming much more common-place. It’s how most trends and things of that nature start out. But it seems quite juvenile. It reminds me of high school, when someone would start listening to a band, and months later everyone else would be into them as well. You were torn between being proud for knowing about them first, but also a bit jealous that now they were popular in a more mainstream sense. In the end, I think the proud feeling overwhelmed the jealousy. Veteran food bloggers should feel that way too.

So, I guess that still leaves the floor open for those veteran food bloggers. Why such distain for the newbies? What have we done wrong? We’re humans – we’re conditioned to love and embrace food. Some of us love it more than others, and shouldn’t we unite as a collective group, to share that love with others?

Let’s just remember one thing here – life is far too short to be serious.

One thought on “Food Blogging – Why the hate?!

  1. Foodiots, that’s a good one, never heard it before. Food brings people together, name calling puts them apart. Don’t worry about reading blogs, I stopped reading them a long time ago, just cook, be happy and write if it itches. Hope you had a nice time Chicago. Did you know that the Chicago deep dish pizza has its roots in France?



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