The Origin of my Cupcake Obsession

It’s quite clear I’m mildly obsessed with cupcakes. For someone that has no cooking or baking knowledge or expertise, one might find it a bit strange. I know my sister does. Therefore, I thought what a better place to explain my cupcake love than on my food blog?! So, here’s the background on why these cute little cakes mean so much to me.

It all started back last April. That’s when the obsession really kicked into high gear. I’ve always loved cakes, cookies, baked goods, etc. I’m a girl; how could I not?! With the cupcake trend on the rise, I happened upon one of my co-worker’s pictures of him devouring some seriously delicious looking cupcakes.

Through a series of events, we wound up talking about said cupcakes, and made plans to visit CRUMBS Bakery, which is conveniently located in my home town. Neither of us were sure if it was a date; but we both were secretly hoping it was. I went with the chocolate brownie cupcake, and he the chocolate chip cookie dough. From there, we headed to a local bar where we sat and talked for hours. Neither of us wanted the night to end.

We were basically inseparable from that night on. We’ve made it a point to get a cupcake from every place we visit, at least once. And any time we happen to pass a cupcake bakery, we always stop in for a sample. We have cupcake dish towels in our kitchen, a cupcake shaped candy dish, and there’s always cupcake mix and frosting on hand. I even have a cupcake necklace that I got for Christmas!

In January, everything cupcakes brought on a whole new meaning. While vacationing in Disney World, my boyfriend proposed to me. Not only did he propose to me at dinner inside Cinderella’s Castle with an engraved glass slipper, but he had spent months searching for a cupcake shaped box that would fit my engagement ring inside of it. So, when it came time to pop the question, he pulled the cupcake box out of his pocket, and opened it, displaying my ring. Following the proposal, the restaurant brought out a custom cupcake for my dessert.

So, I guess you can say cupcakes are something really close to my heart. They’re the perfect little treat. And honestly, they’re a big part of the reason why my fiancé and I started dating. What if I hadn’t seen those cupcake pictures?! Would we have had anything to talk about via Skype that would have sparked our public interest in one another?! I suppose I owe a thank you to the cupcake trend. Without it, I might have wasted precious time in finding the love of my life, best friend, and cupcake partner in crime. Sure, it would have happened eventually, but I’m glad it was sooner rather than later!

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