Dinty Moore & Hormel Give Away!!

I’m excited to announce I have my first ever give-away!

Thanks to yesterday’s post about Hormel Chili, the wonderful company has decided to offer up the following to one lucky reader for their 75th anniversary :

· Dinty Moore®/Hormel® Chili 75th anniversary t-shirt
· 1 can Dinty Moore® Hearty Meals® beef stew
· 1 can Hormel® Chili no beans
· 1 can Hormel® Chili Master™ chili

All you need to do is comment on the following question – What’s your favorite way to eat Hormel Chili?!

I’ll be choosing a winner by Sunday 5/9 at 9pm EDT – so get commenting !!

5 thoughts on “Dinty Moore & Hormel Give Away!!

  1. i like to put some of the hormel ‘chili master’ beans on the end of a fishing rod, cast it out to my girlfriend to get her in the mood. hence my favorite usage: hormel chile master-bait!! works every time! thanks Hormel and FoodyRex! :-1


  2. On hot dogs!

    When I was a kid, my dad used to get a can of Hormel chilli to serve with hot dogs, mustard and saurkraut. Once it got warm out, we had it at least once a week. It tastes like childhood and summertime.


  3. I make walking chili pie. Running from work to school to baseball practice, I need something easy to make and eat. So, heat up the chili, and open up a single serve size corn chip bag. Pour the chili into the bag, toss and shake a bit, sprinkle cheese on top and grab a spork.

    DS thinks it’s fabulous and has plenty of energy to make it through the evening. I get to sit in the stands and enjoy mine. Plus, there’s no more worries for what to eat so late on a school night.


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