Feel the burn

I admittedly have pretty sensitive skin, and as I’ve gotten older, my eyes have joined in the sensitive club as well. I like to thank the countless hours that both my skin and eyes spent submerged in heavily chlorinated water as contributing factors, but genetics are playing the lead role (thanks mom!). So “feeling the burn” when it comes to my eyes or skin is definitely not welcomed, where as a hard arm or leg burning workout would be.

Me swimming a few weeks ago

My knack for getting my eyes to burn seems to follow me in my two recent passions – food and running. Everyone experiences some eye irritation when they cut onions, right? Well, for whatever reason mine has gotten progressively worse, and I use onion in almost everything I make. A few weeks ago while making my Summery Tomato Salad and Black Bean & Corn Salads for our BBQ, I couldn’t take the burn from both the yellow and red onions. So, in order to continue with the recipe, I had what I like to think of as a genius idea. I remembered seeing a post on Foodie Wannabe’s blog about onion goggles, so I made my own.

By make my own, I really mean I stopped chopping, ran to my closet, and whipped out a pair of swimming goggles (thanks Speedo!). As I ran back to the kitchen and started chopping with my blue tinted goggles on, my fiancé started hysterically laughing. I was far from embarrassed, since I could finally keep my eyes open and continue chopping. I’ve since employed this new tactic every time I have to chop more than just a few slices of onion, since trying to cut something with your eyes closed can’t end well.

So to tackle my other eye pain problem, I’ve turned to a cooler version of a sweatband. For whatever reason, when I run the sweat pours into my eyes and burns big time. Since it’s been so incredibly hot this entire summer, I’ve worn tank tops instead of t-shirts on most of my runs, leaving little room for me to wipe my eyes. While racking my brain after a particularly painful run last Sunday afternoon, I noticed a fellow runner/foodie’s tweet about Bondi bands, which are essentially headbands, that seemingly wick away sweat. I immediately placed an order with The Wannabe Athlete, because they’re for an awesome cause. As someone who has lost loved ones to cancer, but also watched others fight and win their battle, I am always more than happy to help any way I can. So, by purchasing a Bondi Band that will hopefully shield my eyes at least a little from sweat, I’ve helped a wonderful woman pay for some of her radiation treatments. I couldn’t have found a better way to keep the sweat out of my eyes!

The note made me smile!

So, my  fellow food and running fiends (combined or separate), do you experience eye burning when chopping onions, or when running? If so, how do you get around it, or avoid it all together?

One thought on “Feel the burn

  1. Hey!

    Quick tip from my mom (former home-ec teacher) – if you put a little olive oil down on the cutting board when chipping onions, no eye burnies!! The only work your ducts will do is pushing out tears of joy when nomzing the yummzy unns!

    Green white yellow or red, not a burny tear will be shed!




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