Sisterly Love

Sometimes it seems as though my sister and I are years apart, while at other times it feels like we’re much closer in age. There are times when she acts like the adult and I’m the child, and vice versa. The truth is, though, we’re 6 years apart (almost exactly since we were both born in June), and even though I grew up wishing I had sibling(s) closer in age, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Growing up with someone so much younger than me was actually a lot of fun – sure, we didn’t get to share clothes until she was in high school and I was already in college, but it was fun to bring around my “little sister” who was just so darn cute.

First day of school!

Today, my “little” sister turns 19 – not so little anymore! It wasn’t that long ago she was introducing her self as “Just Kate,” because people couldn’t understand her name wasn’t a nickname for something else. Or that she was obsessed with Gulla Gulla Island and Barney. When for her second birthday she got a Lamb Chop plastic plate (which my parents still have!), or when she turned four and we celebrated at McDonalds in the ball-pit. When she made it through the awkward middle school years beautifully, and was the swimmer to beat throughout her elementary days all the way up to her very last swim season as a senior in high school. And most recently, when I saw her off to college, hiding my tears as I hugged her goodbye, remembering her tearful goodbye to me, 6 years earlier. Oh how time flies! Now here we are just three months before my wedding, with her as my maid of honor.

So happy birthday, Kate! We’ve had our moments, but you’re the best sister a girl could ask for.

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