Can I Have S’more?

The Sandlot was a favorite movie of mine growing up. I remember we got to watch it one year in elementary school (either third or fourth grade) and they fast forwarded through the pool scene when Squints fakes drowning just so he can smooch Wendy Peffercorn. Of course, one of my favorite scenes was their “camp-out” when Hamilton “Ham” Porter asks Scotty Smalls if he wants a s’more, and he replies with “how can I have s’more if I haven’t had anything yet?” Ahh, classic.

So, what’s the point of all that blabbering? Well, I had s’mores this weekend! This month’s Hormel Extended Family Food Blogger theme was a camp-out. I was sent some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to help facilitate my event. While a camp-out wasn’t in my cards, I was able to make a s’mores pie, and hunker down with my fiancé waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit. Thanks to the generous folks at Hormel, I only had to supply the chocolate and butter for the delicious s’mores pie recipe I found over at How Sweet It is.

I mean, just look at that thing! I knew I had to make it before the storm hit us in New Jersey, just in case the power went out. While my fiancé was filling water bottles, I was making pie – priorities. I almost ruined the entire pie when I tried to roast the marshmallows, and they literally caught on fire. I was able to scrape off the char, and it looked like nothing had happened. After that almost fiasco, I set to have my first attempt at faux meatballs with pasta (recipe coming soon).

We had our own little camp-out by the TV watching The Weather Channel, enjoying our spagetti and “meat” balls, red wine, and s’mores pie. Thankfully, we never lost water or power, but the surrounding areas definitely got hit hard. The evening proved that indoor campouts can be fun, too!

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