Cinco de Yum

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

A tradition I’ve had since visiting Disney for the first time at age 5… in the Mexico pavilion!

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Mexican food and drink. I tell the story all the time, but once in high school someone asked me if I was Mexican because I ate a lot of Mexican food. Well the “eating lots of Mexican food” has only increased as I’ve become the meal planner of the house, and I can never get enough!

Looking through my arsenal of recipes that I’ve blogged about, it’s clear that I’m in love with Mexican and Southwestern flavors. I decided to pare it down a bit to share with you some of my favorites, in case you’re looking for some last minute ideas!:

Veggieful Enchiladas
Grilled Cheesy Burritos
Southwestern Lasagna
Roasted Zucchini, Corn, and Onion Tacos
Veggie Loaded Nachos 

Margarita IN Mexico!

Now go enjoy a margarita – you deserve it!

Do you love Mexican food as much as me? How are you celebrating? 

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