What I Drank Wednesday

Since I had so much fun with my last What I Drank Wednesday post, I thought I would do it again! The blog is so heavily focused on food and running, that the liquid counterparts rarely get a chance to shine… and I figured Wednesday is just as good a day as any to share what I’ve been guzzling lately.

First up is 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon. I was extremely skeptical about this beer; I mean, a beer that tastes like watermelon? I’m not one to mess with beer flavors, and I naively assumed that this would be an abomination of the deliciousness that is a good brew.

Even the can is cool!
Even the can is cool!

I was pleasantly surprised by the beer when I ordered it a few weeks ago, and have found myself ordering it when available since then. It’s light, fun, and refreshing without having an overly watermelon flavor. It tastes like someone dropped a watermelon Jolly Rancher into a (decent) beer. This is definitely something you should try, but make sure it is really cold when you do. Obviously all beers are better when cold, but this one turns undrinkable quickly (more-so than a non flavored beer, I think).

Continuing the beer theme, another brew I recently tried and loved is Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace. After a super hot run with Ashley, we headed to Stuff Yer Face for beers and bolis, and both decided to try this beer. I love going to Stuff Yer Face because they always have a good beer selection (both draft and bottle), and the food is good too.

Appropriate post run hydration, no?
Appropriate post run hydration, no?

This particular beer has a higher ABV (7.6%), so it was definitely a one and done type of drink, but it was delicious. It’s actually a special hop blend from Japan and it’s a classic saison, which I’ve come to realize I love. As I was looking over it’s “pairing” suggestions I saw that goat cheese was mentioned (which I am obsessed with), so it’s no surprise that I really enjoyed the beer.

Switching from beer to my other drink of choice, I recently started drinking cold brewed coffee. I actually received a cold brewing “system” for my birthday and tried it for the first time this week. It creates a “coffee concentrate” that you can then mix with water or milk to dilute and enjoy, which is perfect for me as someone that is obsessed with iced coffee. It’s nice to be able to pour my coffee over ice and not have the ice cubes immediately start to melt!

Toddy Cold Brew

The flavor is a little different from what you’re used to in terms of coffee, but I really like it. Plus, it makes a decent amount (since it’s a 1:3 ratio of coffee to milk or water) that stays fresh for up to two weeks – talk about easy!

And finally, while not interesting at all, I have been drinking a TON of water. It has been so incredibly hot recently, and combined with all the non-hydrating things I’ve been drinking as mentioned above, water is absolutely necessary. Back when I was swimming, one morning the Notre Dame women’s coach came to scout a few of my teammates at practice, and our coach asked her to share some words of wisdom with us. I don’t remember much of what she said, but I do remember one thing that I think of often; “If there’s yellow in your pee, that’s all the gold you’ll see,” meaning make sure you’re hydrated – if you aren’t, don’t expect to win! Obviously it’s just a fun little antidote, but it stuck with me and is an easy way to remember to keep hydrating. Of course I’m mixing Nuun into my water a lot as well, but I already talked about that last WIDW!

What are you drinking and loving lately?

4 thoughts on “What I Drank Wednesday

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a flavored beer, I might have to expand my horizons a little bit! And I think I now must buy an iced coffee system. I make my iced coffee Pioneer Woman style which works, but is a huge pain.


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