Monday Favorites!

Since I’m not really a fan of Mondays, I thought it would be fun to switch up my typical “Friday Favorites” and make it a Monday Favorites instead!

Flannel Shirts

Nothing says fall like flannel – am I right?

I call this my ‘late summer, early fall flannel’

Of course, there’s a fine line between fall chic and lumberjack, but I’ve fallen in love with flannel shirts this fall. Not all prints, colors, and cuts are created equal, but most stores seem to have some really great options this season… Some of my favorites have come from J.Crew and Old Navy. I love seeing them worn open as a cardigan, layered with sweaters, and worn just as a regular button-down. So despite their lumber jack qualities, they scream fall to me.

Supergoop CC Cream

I first tried Supergoop‘s sunscreen as a sample from my sister’s Birchbox before ordering my own. I was impressed with the coverage and its ability to not make me look like a grease ball. So I was thrilled when I received a sample of their CC cream in my own Birchbox a few months later.


I knew after wearing it just one day that I needed to purchase the full size. It provides just the right amount of color to even and smooth everything out, isn’t heavy, and somehow manages to keep my extreme combination skin from getting dry or oily. I struggle a lot with my combination skin – part of it can be dry and flaking while another part looks like an oil slick. The Supergoop CC cream manages to keep it all at bay, with sunscreen as an added bonus!


I’ve always been a die-hard book reader. When e-readers first came out I scoffed at the idea of not having a hard copy of a book… There’s just something about the way turning the page feels! But then I started commuting on a train that’s typically (crowded) standing room only.

Kindle + coffee... two of my favorite things.
Kindle + coffee… two of my favorite things.

In a perfect world I’d be able to hold my book and turn the pages with ease while standing on the packed train, but that just isn’t the reality. Half the time I’m lucky if I can even get a spot on the pole to hold on, so trying to turn the page of a book with one hand is tricky. I did it for a while, but with how slow the PATH is some days, I found myself having to turn the page too many times during a one-way trip. So I decided it was time for a Kindle. I bought the paperwhite a few months ago and haven’t looked back. I can hold it and turn the pages easily with one hand and it’s so small and compact there’s always room for it in my bag. Sure, I can’t publicize the awesome books that I’m reading to my fellow commuters, but no one really gives a shit anyway. They just don’t want my page turning to invade their space.


As I mentioned when talking about the Supergoop, I recently signed up for Birchbox. My sister decided to give it a try and was really enjoying it, so I figured I’d give it a shot as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.34.20 PM

For only $10 a month, I figured if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it turns out I’m really loving it so far! I’ve gotten to try a lot of new-to-me products that have all been the perfect size to throw in my gym bag or take with me on a trip, and some of them have been so great I’ve purchased their full-size counterpart! I mean, $10/month is just two fancy lattes!

Scream Queens

This new FOX show is a new favorite of mine.


It’s basically a slightly scary Halloween version of Mean Girls; sorority girls being typical sorority girls but with the twist of a killer on the loose whose targets are a specific group of people. My favorite part is that every episode leaves me I question who I think the “red devil” killer is. Emma Roberts is fantastic in it, and I love seeing Abigail Breslin all grown up!

So tell me, on this fine Monday, what are you loving?!

Friday Favorites

Another installment of my (current) favorite things! Per the usual, it’s a hodgepodge of things that I’m currently loving. They follow absolutely no theme, which seems to be a theme in itself for these posts, and are in no particular order.

Toddy Cold Brewing System

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently on a cold brewed coffee kick. I’ve seen “cold brewed” coffee before, but never had the opportunity to try it from a store, and was too lazy to try it at home on my own. The difference between cold brewed coffee and “traditional” coffee is simply the lack of heat. Instead of heating up the water (in a coffee maker) and having it flow through the coffee grinds, a cold brew uses regular water. Because it’s cold water the process takes a little bit longer, but what you get is basically coffee concentrate, meaning in order to enjoy it you need to mix it with water or milk. Since I’m an avid iced coffee drinker, the idea of already cold coffee that I don’t have to cool down and subsequently water down with ice cubes was appealing.

Toddy Cold Brew

I had seen the Toddy online, and added it to my Pinterest board of “Gift Ideas” (don’t judge me, it makes it easy for people to see things I’m not going to buy for myself, but would like as a gift when the occasion arises), and got it for my birthday! The instructions are simple (grind up some coffee, pour in water, pour in grinds, repeat, let sit and then filter), and it produces a decent amount of coffee concentrate that can last for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. I’ve enjoyed it a few times now, mixed with both water and milk, and LOVE it. I use about half the amount of ice cubes I used before, and the flavor is awesome (hard to describe, but definitely “smoother”). I definitely recommend checking this out if you’re an iced coffee fan!

Hydroxatone CC Cream

I don’t usually wear makeup, and even when I do it’s definitely on the minimal side. So when the craze of BB and CC creams started, I figured these would be a perfect addition to my morning routine, as I could kill multiple birds with one makeup stone. Since I don’t wear makeup often, I really don’t know enough about the differences between primer, moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream, foundation… the list goes on. I have an elementary understanding, but that’s where it ends, and is a huge reason why I don’t wear makeup. The other reason is that I have what I’d like to refer to as the ultimate combination platter of skin – dry, oily, acne prone, dull, bright…. I’m really not sure how I have it all, but I do. So naturally I’m wary when it comes to my choices, as I don’t want a product that will accentuate any of my “problems.”


After trying a few free samples of BB and CC creams (gotta love the Ulta and Sephora samples that come with your orders), I realized that there were only a few things I needed in my “everything” cream. I need it to: moisturize, mattify, and balance my skin without clogging it up. I didn’t think I was asking for much, but apparently I was! A lot of the creams were either the wrong tint, not oil-free, or left me glowing (and not the ‘dewy glamorous’  kind). Enter Hydroxatone’s CC cream! This cream has all the benefits of a typical CC cream (color corrects, smooths out your skin, etc.) but it also has salicylic acid to aid in mattifying your skin and also prevent break-outs! Of course I thought it may be “too good to be true,” but after a few days of using it (in translucent), I couldn’t be happier. It leaves my skin feeling fresh all day while moisturizing and not leaving me a ball of shine by the afternoon. Now I just need to find the right kind of makeup to wear over it for those rare makeup days!

Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank

I don’t know why I waited so long – I think I tried to convince myself that I wouldn’t like it because 1. it was too “everyday wear” for me, and 2. the mesh would be more annoying than not. I suppose the first reason I didn’t think I would like it is the same reason why I’m yet to try a running skirt. But eventually after seeing so many awesome reviews by people who generally enjoy the same things as I do, I ordered it. I mean, with the summer heat and my timidness for sports bra running, I figured I would try this ‘light as air’ tank top.

Mio Mesh with the Strappy bra & Rogas
Mio Mesh with the Strappy bra & Rogas

Well, I’m kicking myself for not having ordered this top earlier. I should have known better than to doubt Oiselle! I now want one in every color, and then some. I’ve worn the top a few times since getting it last week; once in the pouring rain, and once on a super hot long run. By the end of both runs my shirt looked the same – completely soaked! Despite the fact that the shirt was really wet, it didn’t feel heavy or cumbersome to be wearing on either run, which is rare. Also, because it’s mesh, it breathes really well allowing for some airflow (even if it’s just a hot air breeze), which is always welcomed on a soupy hot day. I really wish I had more than just one mio mesh tank, but at least I have the one!

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

This is a cookbook I actually ordered quite a few months ago, but only recently started cooking from it. I’ve been so wrapped up in Pinterest recipes lately that I’ve really neglected my cookbooks. So, I’ve recently been trying to get back into “use the cookbooks you already have” mode, and found that this particular book pairs nicely with my weekly fresh box. I think I’m often intimidated by vegetarian cookbooks because the recipes have a lot of ingredients, and a lot of times the things they call for aren’t easily found at my local grocery store. But thanks to the fresh box program I’m signed up for in the summer, the fruits and vegetables I have are not only fresher, but I also get things that my grocery store either doesn’t carry, or rarely has.

Snack plate with leek fritters, tabbouleh, & hummus
Snack plate with leek fritters, tabbouleh, & hummus

I’ve made a few things from the book so far, but my favorite has been leek fritters. At first glance they don’t seem to be different from any other fritter recipe, but the addition of cinnamon to the mixture was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t really sure what the sweetness would bring to the table, but I absolutely loved it. I served the fritters with homemade tabbouleh and hummus for a dinner “snack plate” and really enjoyed it. I have a bunch of other recipes bookmarked to try – I just have to remember to open up the book and step away from Pinterest!

So those are my current favorites… what are some of yours?!