All About the Legs

I’ve always been someone that thinks a strong body is beautiful. As a swimmer in high school and college, I made sure to get myself to the gym in addition to spending time in the pool in order to work on my upper body strength. For whatever reason, I always neglected my legs. They were pretty strong on their own, but I always felt the burn while chugging along during kick sets at the back of the lane. Since I’ve started running, though, I’ve realized more and more just how weak my legs are.

My kind of body!


Knowing full well that in order to be a well rounded athlete and to excel at any form of exercise you need to incorporate more than just your typical routine into the mix, I decided to do just that. So, since I’m primarily a runner these days, this means body weight exercises, yoga, and anything else I can think of. I know that doing this can help me in addition to logging countless miles, and it can help keep me from boredom. And maybe most importantly, I’ll be working different muscles and making sure I stay injury free!

So, I’ve been doing the same leg workout for a week or so and I can definitely feel my legs getting stronger. This is a perfect workout not only for runners, but also to get ready for shorts season!

I’ve been trying to figure out the “perfect” upper body workout for me, and am working through a few different variations. Once I have that down pat, I’ll share it as well! And don’t worry, I’m still devouring deliciousness and will be sharing it with you, but I wanted to start branching out to my second love – fitness. So, you’ll likely be seeing a few more running/fitness related posts from me here and there in addition to all the foodie related goodies.