A Foodie Birthday!

Ahh yes, birthday time. Monday (6/28) I celebrated the big 24 (boooooring!), and received a lot of foodie (specifically baking) prizes. Yes, you read that correctly. I do not call gifts presents, rather prizes – it sounds more fun!

Most of the food related gifts actually came from my co-workers, and they’re smart; hopefully their prizes will get me in the kitchen, and therefore bringing in left over goodies to share with them. Good thinking! Anyway, in addition to the amazing MacBook from my fiancĂ© that I’m currently using to type this up, an awesome new Coach bag, Forever21 gift card, shirt and earrings from my parents and sister, I got the following foodie items:

– A sweet set of baking dishes, and a Pyrex measuring cup, which we somehow don’t have. This is going to come in handy!

– I’ve been eyeing this cupcake recipe book for awhile. Everything is SO cute. I hope my lack of artistic ability will some how not transfer over to these cupcake decorations

– I’ll be making these cupcakes this weekend to bring to a 4th of July BBQ. Hopefully they are yummy!

– How can you go wrong with this?! Now I have an extra cupcake pan (having only one is annoying), a mini cupcake/muffin pan, AND a carrying case? SCORE!

So as you can see, I was spoiled with my foodie (and non-foodie) prizes! By the end of the week I’ll hopefully have used the pie dish, cupcake mix, and cupcake carrier. I’ll definitely be reporting back on those!

As for the eating aspect of my birthday, that was equally delicious. It started off before work with some Dunkin Donuts (iced coffee and a jalapeno bagel twist to be exact). It was later followed up with a junior homewrecker with tofu burrito from Moe’s Southwest Grill. Then, going for a double-dose of Mexican (how could I resist?!) the family took us to Jose Tejas, one of my favorite Cajun Creole/Mexican joints (you can read about the restaurant here)! After that we had some cake – a chocolatey moussey ganachey coconutty slice of heaven. Needless to say I had to roll myself into bed after eating all that!

Stay tuned for the results of all my awesome prizes, and happy nomzing! Oh, and thanks to everyone that made my birthday special!!


burritoI once had a friend ask me if I was Mexican. Confused, since I look as Irish as they come, I asked why she was inquiring. She proceeded to explain it was due to my eating habits. When given the chance, I’ll always choose something spicy, and in most cases of the Spanish persuasion.

That brings me to burritos. They have easily and increasingly become a staple in my diet. I can have one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I’ve sampled authentic, as well as generic, and I really don’t think I’ve found dissapointment yet.

I have important qualifiers that make a burrito note worthy; it needs to be stuffed to the gills with deliciousness, while still managing to stay fully intact. I’ve come to learn the key to that phenomenon is steaming of the tortilla prior to stuffing it. I learned that the hard way while in college; every time the I got a burrito from the “Mexican Station,” it crumbled right in front of me. I’m glad, however, the proprietors of places such as Qdoba, Moe’s, and Chipotle learned it early on.

Burritos seem to be the one thing that can be filled with anything. I’ve had with eggs and potatoes, your typical chicken, beef, or pork, or if you’re feeling daring, even tofu. That’s right, it sounds weird, but it is delicious. Moe’s happens to offer the option for the meat weary – and let me tell you, even if you’re the biggest carnivore out there, you should give it a shot. It’s perfectly seasoned and picks up all the right flavors once combined with the rice and beans. It truly is surprising at how delicious it is.

I can honestly say I’ve only ever met one person in my life that hasn’t shared my love for burritos. I currently work in an office where everyone LOVES them. If one person mentions it for lunch, it’s a guarantee that 80% of the office will be on-board for one as well. I guess that’s what happens when you work around the corner from a Moe’s Southwest Grill.

I’m a lover of all types of food – Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, German, Italian, French, American, and fusions of all of the aforementioned types. I’m sure I’m even leaving some out (not on purpose, of course). There’s just something special about Spanish food, though. I really can’t put my finger on what it is, aside from deliciousness.

I think I’ve successfully recreated the burrito many times in all it’s glory. I know I’ll never get sick of it, and I’ll probably continue to have it at least once a week, preferably more if at all possible.

As I write this, I’m being bombarded with inter-office Skype messages about Moe’s for lunch. Clearly we are all going to give in. There really is no way to say “no” to a burrito.