Food Planning: Teacher Edition

For those of you that are frequent readers, you know that I quit my job at the end of December and will be starting to student teach tomorrow! To say I’m nervous is an understatement, but I’m also very excited. I’m lucky enough to be in a school district that’s only about 10 minutes away, and working with a teacher that I had the opportunity to work with in previous semesters for observation hours. Going from working in an office (with my husband) for three years to a classroom is definitely going to be a big adjustment, but like I said, one I’m excited for.

One of the biggest challenges, I think, is going to be planning and preparing my lunches accordingly. When I did my observations, I found myself bringing a peanut butter & jelly sandwich most days. Now don’t get me wrong, a good PB&J is necessary sometimes, but shouldn’t be a daily¬†occurrence¬†for a 25 year old. That being said, I’ve been researching quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly affordable options for lunches. Growing up I had a turkey and cheese sandwich or wrap almost every day, with some type of fruit and some type of dessert. I want to keep my meals room-temperature friendly if at all possible, so frozen lunches that I’ve relied on throughout my cubicle days are no more.


I have plenty of veggie wraps in mind (with cucumbers, avocado, hummus, etc.), but don’t want to tire of those too quickly either. And there’s always the option of bringing leftovers (that is, if we have any). So, this is where I need your help – what do you guys bring for lunch, especially the teachers out there?

Fingers crossed for my first day of school tomorrow – the next 14 weeks should be interesting to say the least!