Pumpkin Part 2: French Toast Style

The promise for this post is two-fold: on my first Pumpkin post, I promised to document each of my experiences with all things involving pumpkin throughout the fall. In my most recent post, I vowed to share my own kitchen cooking experiences with you, the lucky reader.

That being said, I tackled both this fine Sunday morning.

The recipe for the Pumpkin French Toast fell deliciously in my lap. Well, it was shared by one of my boyfriend’s friends on Google Reader, which he immediately forwarded to me, in which I quickly replied that would be our Sunday morning. The recipe comes from Recipe Girl, who actually has quite a few other tasty looking recipes I’ll probably sample at one point or another.

But back to the task at hand, my Pumpkin French Toast.


It was a pretty simple recipe, just time consuming in terms of preparing all of the ingredients and then cooking them; as my pan only fit about 3 pieces of the bread at a time. I forgot to grab some cinnamon, so that was missing from the recipe, but the Cinnamon Toast Crunch coating easily made up for it.


My only qualms with the recipe were it’s bread size suggestion, and amount of pumpkin. It calls for 3/4 to 1 inch thick slices of French bread. I have to say, that was a little too thick for my liking – the pumpkin coating didn’t really soak through, and made it a little more difficult to cook quickly. Surprisingly for both my boyfriend and I, we thought the pumpkin flavor could have been a little more subtle. I was surprised that only 3/4 of a cup of pumpkin puree could be so strong. But it was!!

After all of the pieces were made, we threw it together with some turkey bacon and smothered it in maple syrup. I can honestly say that for someone who up until recently despised pumpkin, never really liked breakfast food, and never would have chosen French toast when given the option, I was impressed with myself. I quickly noted during the whole process that one of the best parts of cooking with pumpkin is the color. It’s such a rich combination of yellow and orange, an when mixed with different ingredients (such as eggs and whipping cream), it is truly a beautiful color. Now that I come to think if it, it’s shade is quite close to that of my living room. No wonder I enjoy that room so much…

This is definitely a recipe I’ll be revisiting in the future. I think it would also be delicious as a dessert with some ice cream and maybe whipped cream as well.


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