Thanksgiving Round up!

I’m not really sure what we were thinking, but my boyfriend and I
decided we would host Thanksgiving this year. Being it our first
official holiday together, we figured in order to avoid the hassle of
figuring out who is going where, we would make everyone come to us.

Now, in August this seemed like a great idea. As it got closer though,
we realized we might have been in a little over our heads. But we also
knew it was time to suck it up and deal.

We started the prep last Saturday, by picking up our 18 pound turkey,
along with the ingredients for stuffing, gravy, and green bean
casserole. Since the turkey was frozen, we let it defrost until

On Wednesday, I was able to gut and properly clean the turkey, while
fondly naming him Chaaahlie. I also made the stuffing, which was just
some chopped onion and celery mixed with Pepperidge Farm’s season
cubed bread and mild sausage. After that was done, it was time to
relax for the next day.

We woke up early on Thanksgiving to pop Chaahlie in the oven; that bad
boy took six hours!! We had both our families over, so they each
brought sides; mashed potatoes, turnips, cranberry sauce, breaded
artichokes, corn, rolls, and I made the green bean casserole. We
started with some shrimp cocktail, bruschetta and salad. From there we
loaded our plates and chowed down! Everything was absolutely
delicious! I stuffed my one plate, while my miraculously thin
boyfriend had three plates!

After we put ourselves in a food coma and watched some football we
moved on to dessert; pumpkin bread, coconut custard pie, apple pie,
and pumpkin pie.

I can’t get over how seamless the entire day was. I truly couldn’t
have asked for a better Thanksgiving! I’m proud of us both, and glad
we didn’t wind up backing out. This is a yearly tradition I could get

Now to lace up my sneakers and get running. All this food isn’t going
to work itself off!

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