Subway – Eating Veggie Fresh!

Since today is absolutely gorgeous (sunny and about 65 degrees) one of my co-workers and I decided we needed to get out of the office for a bit. So on a trip to the bank, we stopped at Subway to grab some lunch – our frozen meals weren’t cutting it. Ideally we would have sat outside and enjoyed our sandwiches, but only having a limited time to eat it, we ate inside.

I was never really a fan of Subway; I always felt they skimped on their meats, cheeses, and toppings, and their 6 inch subs were small; only a full 12 inch sub would ever statisfy me – and that’s A LOT of bread, and money! I was a much bigger fan of Quiznos. However, after reading the nutritional information between the two, and their $5 foot long promotion, I gave them a second chance.

Every time I go to Subway, I get a “Veggie Delight,” without fail. I like this option because I can load up my sandwich with a ton of veggies, and not worry about the somewhat mysterious (and always lacking) meats. Plus, it’s A LOT healthier. Today, I got every single veggie they have available; from sweet peppers and cucumbers to olives and jalepenos. I topped it off with some provelone cheese and fat free honey mustard dressing, all on 9 grain whole wheat.

Since it’s a foot long, I’m able to eat half during lunch, and the other half later in the day, when I get my mid-afternoon hunger pangs. So, for five dollars and change, I get lunch and an afternoon snack! Plus, it isn’t one of those meals that you’re stuffed, and then starving a mere 20 minutes later.

I know most people feel that if you’re going to go with a sandwich, you might as well go to a deli. And I completely agree for things such as turkey, ham, Italian sandwiches, roasted eggplant, etc. But for a simple veggie sandwich, I think Subway does it right. It’s completely customizable with really fresh ingredients. All of the vegetables have a nice crunch and flavor to them. It’s quite impressive, actually.

Going with the veggie option allows me to satiate the “vegetarian wannabe” side of me. But we all know I’m simultaneously craving a juicy cheeseburger. I think I have a bit of food identity confusion. But that’s alright; I’m still getting the best of both worlds!

So if you’re ever in the market for a veggie packed sandwich, head to Subway. You’ll have a fresh, low calorie lunch that could last you all day!

One thought on “Subway – Eating Veggie Fresh!

  1. Yay! It’s so interesting to hear about a meat eater getting an all veggie sandwich. Whenever I eat one, people look at me funny or say something like what’s the point? And I’m all, the POINT IS it tastes freaking delicious!

    And I totally relate to your food identity confusion. I love the taste of meat. But I became a vegetarian when I was 12, was vegan for a couple years in high school, then started eating fish about 5 years ago. I guess that makes me a pescetarian now. So I haven’t eaten meat in 15 years and I STILL crave it. When the boyfriend is grilling a steak, cooking bacon (which is rare, actually) or has corned beef going in the crockpot (like yesterday), I’m all like OMG that smells soooo delicious and then I drool all over his plate. Okay, not really drool, but I do smell it. You know, to taste the aroma. Ha, yeah. I’m a little weird.


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