Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For most people that know me, they know I’m pretty darn Irish. My Dad’s Grandparents came over from Ireland in the early 1900’s, and on my Mom’s side her Father’s family did, while her Mother’s family came from England. So needless to say, I’ve got a lot of green in me.

You could probably tell by looking at me; light skin, bright greenish eyes, dark hair, and when the sun decides to shine, freckles galore. And stereotypically, I like a good beer and will never pass down potatoes.

BUT, I have a confession. I hate corned beef. To the point where I refuse to eat it. Yes, you might be thinking to yourself; “have you ever had a corned beef & pastrami sandwich?!” “Or corned beef hash?!” “How can you call yourself Irish?”. But hey, I never said I didn’t like potatoes, just corned beef! I mean, the only reason it’s considered Irish is because Ireland was a big exporter of it.

I always ate it as a kid on St. Patrick’s Day, usually smothered in spicy brown mustard to try and hide the flavor. I’m just not a fan of the salty, sometimes stringy meat. I do, however, enjoy cabbage. I’ve even got myself a stuffed cabbage Lean Cuisine for lunch! But now that I’m an “adult” and make my meals on my own, I don’t have to sit through a torturous dinner just eating cabbage and boiled potatoes and trying to explain why I don’t want any meat.

Is there any one else (that isn’t specifically a vegetarian) that doesn’t enjoy corned beef? Am I the only one? Am I a disgrace to my heritage? I love my Irish heritage and everything that comes with it (yes, even the “drunk” stereotype). I mean, come-on, I have a shamrock tattoo!

Hopefully I can keep my head held high today when I’m interrogated about why I won’t be having “traditional Irish fare” for dinner. Sláinte.

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