Cupcake Vineyard Wine

After searching for a cupcake themed wine, I found Cupcake Vineyards, which had also been written up by one of my favorite cupcake blogs, Cupcakes Take The Cake.

I excitedly went to the website, unsure of if it was something I could find in my local liquor store. Because I had never heard of it before, I figured it was going to be hard to find, and something that I would possibly need shipped to me. When I realized New Jersey has weird alcohol shipping laws and this wine was from California, I began to worry. After some more research, though, I found the wine at a local Wine Chateau.

After telling the fiancé, who is just as much of a cupcake fiend as I, we decided to grab some after work on Friday to enjoy with our dinner. We decided two get two variations; their 2008 Chardonnay, and 2007 Merlot.

We started off the taste test with the Merlot. It was definitely decadent, and something that would go great with desserts. It was very smooth, with a hint of coffee, chocolate, and cherry; three flavors I love! My only qualm, as I have with all red wines, was the teeth staining. I always feel so silly while drinking red wine, because my teeth turn purple. That’s why I really only drink red wine at home, I try to avoid it if I’m out. But it was good. So good we finished the bottle, and I want to buy it in bulk!

We decided to then move on to the Chardonnay, which was equally delicious. More citrus-y and refreshing, it had hints of apple and vanilla with a crisp fresh finish. This was also a favorite of mine, and I would definitely buy it again, and in bulk!

Both of the wines were under $10, at $8.99 each. So really, how could you go wrong?! While you might think they’re dessert wines from the name, they definitely aren’t. They’d be great with almost any dish. But of course they would go excellently with dessert, specifically cupcakes! The Cupcake Vineyards website even offers cupcake recipes that would pair perfectly with each of their wine offerings.

So next time you’re in the liquor store looking for some great wine to have with dinner, dessert, or to bring to a friend’s, get yourself some Cupcake Vineyards – you’ll be glad you did!

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