Cupcake Apron!

Earlier this week, I ordered myself a cupcake themed cooking apron. I’ve always wanted one, but never knew where to get one, exactly what print I wanted, and what a good price was. To me, picking out a style and print was the hardest part. They’re almost like scrubs for foodies!

This particular apron is from Flirty Aprons. They were having a sale earlier this week, so I picked up this guy:

How cute is that! It’s the “Frosted Cupcake” design and is currently $32.95. And, if you order before 2pm EST, they’ll ship it out USPS that day. I ordered it on Monday morning, and got it today (Wednesday)!

I’m planning on breaking it out for my kitchen endeavors on Friday; I’m making jalapeño crab cakes for my fiancé [with a side of Cupcake Vineyards wine]! I definitely think this will add some pizazz to my daily kitchen tasks… not to mention I don’t need to worry as much about ruining my clothes, since I’m always all over the place and a mess!

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