Pyrex Goodies!

Since I’m a featured publisher on Foodbuzz, I get lots of fun e-mails about contests, giveaways, and things of that nature. Naturally, I enter any and all that I can because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like free stuff?!

A few weeks ago I entered a Pyrex giveaway, which I won thanks to being recently engaged/married. I’m kind of in the middle of both of those actually, as we just passed our -1 year anniversary Friday! That’s right, 9.10.11 is less than a year away now – I can’t believe it!

I was able to pick three products from a list of about 8 that I thought would be best used in our kitchen. So, I went with measuring cups, a pie dish, and a new spatula/scraper. While we do already have each of those three things, they are definitely on their way out. When I moved in with my fiancé, he already had most things needed in a kitchen, since he had already been living in the apartment for a few years. However, as with most things, time hasn’t been the kindest. We actually have a set of measuring spoons that has the tablespoon literally hanging on by a thread (of plastic). I have no idea how it hasn’t snapped with all the baking and measuring I do, but it’s still hanging on. So as you can imagine, slowly replacing most kitchenware is on our to-do list – good thing we can add it all to our registry!

I’m really looking forward to putting these new kitchen tools to use, as I’ve always been a big Pyrex fan. I’ll probably be using the measuring cups and spatula/scraper first. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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