Give Away Winner!

As you all know, early last week I had the opportunity to give away a pretty sweet prize pack thanks to the folks over at Hormel & Dinty Moore.

Though I didn’t have many entrants, the decision was hard! Some entries were funny, others reminisced about childhood memories, and others were yummy recipes. But, as promised, I made my decision after the contest closed last night (Sunday) at 9pm EDT.

And the winner is: John “The Legend” not to be confused with John Legend. The selection is two-fold. One, his recipe actually sounds really good, and I’m tempted to make it. Two, he just so happens to be my co-worker, and I know for a fact eats the most ridiculous things for dinner, but is just starting out on his own culinary adventure. What type of ridiculous things, may you ask? A jar of peanut butter. Or a box of animal crackers. Oh, the life of a bachelor. So, I figured John could use it the most!

So John, all I need from you is your address where you’d like the Hormel goodies shipped, and they’ll be on their way!