Another Foodie Giveaway!

Seriously, blogging rules. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity for another giveaway! The wonderful Hormel, who also sponsored this giveaway in conjunction with the newly launched RecipeNut are behind this yummy deal [see below]. In addition to the prize pack you can win here, you can also head over to RecipeNut’s Facebook Page to “like” them, and also submit your favorite family recipe with a story behind it and photo, to win $2,000 in prizes! You have until October 11th for the big contest.

The prize pack I’m giving away includes the following:
· Hormel® Always Tender® pork product coupon: Hormel® Always Tender® products are all pre-marinated for superb tenderness, juiciness and flavor, so there’s no prep time and no cleanup required. Available in more than 40 varieties.
· Hormel® Natural Choice® deli meat full value product coupon: Great-tasting, all-natural products you can feel good about eating and serving. Zero preservatives, artificial ingredients or MSG. No nitrites or nitrates added. And they’re gluten free.
· Hormel® real crumbled bacon bits: Hormel® bacon toppings are made from 100 percent real bacon. Add to salads, soups and other recipes!
· Hormel® pepperoni minis: Add zest to a wide variety of dishes with great tasting pepperoni. In addition to perking up pizza, pepperoni is an ideal partner for sandwiches, salads, pasta or nachos and more.
· Hormel® premium chunk chicken breast: Hormel® chunk meats are fully-cooked, one hundred percent real meat perfect for sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, nachos and quesadillas.
· Hormel® chili with beans: Hormel® chili is made with choice ingredients, blended and simmered slowly in an open kettle to bring out their full flavor and aroma. The result is a rich and hearty flavor chili lovers ask for!
· RecipeNut Oven Mitt

For my giveaway, though, you just need to answer the following two questions:
1. How do you store your recipes?
2. What would you do with this prize pack? (Make a game-watching snack? Bake something and use the oven mitt to keep your hands safe?)

*You have until Friday, October 8th at 11pm EDT to enter!!

I’m wondering about your recipe storage, because I myself have been playing around with a few different things, and am interested to hear what you guys use/do. I also need some ideas for what I can do with my prizes! I’m thinking I’ll try to recreate You Are What You Eat or Reheat’s “White Trash Puff Balls,” and maybe some chili nachos to eat while watching a game – yum!

9 thoughts on “Another Foodie Giveaway!

  1. Great giveaway! I store my recipes (usually printed offline) in a binder. I hole punch the papers and sort them by category with binder/sticky tabs.

    I’d use this giveaway pack by putting together some snack platters and entertain some friends while having them over for a football game. My fiance and I are on a tight budget saving for our wedding and first home so it would be nice to still see our friends and hangout, while saving some money! 🙂


  2. YumYumYum!

    I’m the wrong one to ask about recipe storage, I’m afraid. I have an entire cabinet dedicated to my hodgepodge collection: I have cookbooks, I have a neat little adorable binder of 3×5 cards that I filled up with recipes and can not find new sleeves for, and I have a regular binder where I punch holes in regular full-sheet recipe print-outs. In theory. I think I have more loose pages of printed recipes floating around in the cabinet than inside the binder at this point….

    ANYWAY! I’d use the pepperoni and bacon to finally try my hand at a home-made pizza!!


  3. I store my recipes in two metal recipe boxes, but I would like to create a personal collection of my recipes and have it bound. As for the prize pack – I would use it go give our lunches a little variety.


  4. House them in recipe notebooks. Write them on my own notepads. Keep them tucked away in the cabinets so the world can’t see the messiness that is my recipe collection.

    And for the snack packs, I would have to make something totally unhealthy.


  5. I store my recipes in gmail, I copy paste the ones I found online and send them to myself. I have a folder specifically for recipes. Works great coz I can search via keywords on gmail!

    What would I do with all the food?
    Put Indonesia hot sauce allllll over it! 🙂


  6. I got a big ol’ white binder that I’m in the process of decorating (well, figuring out how to decorate) at work. I print recipes that I like online, tear them out from magazines, and put them all in there!


  7. Woops, forgot to enter the second part.

    What I would do with the prize pack is DEFINITELY make tailgating recipes! Canned chicken = buffalo chicken dip, pepperoni = pizza dip or pizza bites, chili = CHILI!, it’s literally the perfect tailgating prize pack!


  8. I store my recipes in a folder after I print them out. It works well for me.

    I’d use that prize pack to satisfy the meat-a-tarian in our household (and his mom!). Yum!


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